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My Personal Programmer is a code-free development tool designed to create business applications using Microsoft Windows® operating systems. My Personal Programmer enables users to design and build desktop or web-based applications quickly without having to learn a programming language.

Integrated Development Environment (IDE) - My Personal Programmer's IDE is easy-to-use, and provides an extensive toolset for programming simple to complex applications.

Microsoft® DigiCert® Certified - My Personal Programmer is DigiCert® signed and Microsoft® certified to eliminate the risk of adware and malware, guaranteeing executables of My Personal Programmer are safe-to-use from unauthorized file authentication.

Non-Programmer / Programmer - My Personal Programmer enables non-technical users as well as experienced programmers to build applications in a fraction of the time that traditional programming languages require.

Pricing - My Personal Programmer's pricing is very simple. You get a single license copy of the complete programming package for $29.00 US dollars. Because the design is easy and simple to use, this product can be incorporated into the development life cycle with other programming tools.

.NET Programming and the Windows Registry - My Personal Programmer doesn't write to the Windows® registry and doesn't require the .NET Framework to build or deploy applications. The footprint is very small and designed to be a portable solution for maintaining stable installations across multiple desktops and servers.

Academic / eLearning / Student Education - My Personal Programmer can be used to teach programming concepts, event-driven programming, script programming and program design without extensive knowledge using the syntax of a traditional programming language.

Modular Design / Persistence of Data - My Personal Programmer has the capability to support small to large applications, providing an object-oriented methodology and modular design used for corporate and enterprise development.

Internet / Web Publishing - My Personal Programmer is designed to support an internet cloud distribution model allowing applications to be placed on a webserver and launched using My Personal Programmer's AppViewer.exe™.

Cloud Computing - My Personal Programmer is designed to support application development using Microsoft Azure® without additional resources, making cloud development easily available.

Online Training Videos - My Personal Programmer fully supports online training videos to assist with programming tutorials. We guarantee the training videos will get you up and running in a matter of hours versus weeks of training learning traditional programming languages.

Full 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. Due to the limited trial version and our committment to this product, we provide a full 30 day money back guarantee. If you find My Personal Programmer doesn't meet the development needs outlined by our product description, you will receive a full refund.