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My Personal Programmer is a development tool designed to create applications using Microsoft Windows® operating systems. My Personal Programmer enables users to design and build applications quickly without having to learn a programming language.

My Personal Programmer requires no prior experience programming or building applications. Our step-by-step online video tutorials will teach you how to build applications in a fraction of the time using traditional programming languages.

No servers required - Developing applications doesn't require any servers or web-services. Each application built with My Personal Programmer can be launched direclty from the workstation, saving considerable costs supporting a server based implementation process.

Free To Try - My Personal Programmer is free to try. Just select the try now button to download a free copy of the application. Once installed, you can follow the online videos using YouTube® to start your development needs.

Academic and Education - My Personal Programmer fully supports teaching beginning concepts of computer programming, and teaches how to build applications that can be used for business and education. The online training videos are designed to quickly learn without the complexity or frustration learning a traditional programming language.

My Personal Programmer provides royalty free distribution of applications created with My Personal Programmer, allowing you to distribute your applications free of charge. Applications built are packaged into a single file for quick and easy distribution.

Pricing - My Personal Programmer's pricing is very simple. You get a single license copy of the complete programming package for $29.00 US dollars. Because the design is easy and simple to use, this product can be incorporated into the development life cycle with other programming and reporting tools.

Full 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. Our product is backed by a full 30 day money back guarantee. If you find My Personal Programmer doesn't meet your development needs outlined by our product description, you will receive a full refund.