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Jinga AI™ is a software development studio designed to build desktop, cloud, and ChatGPT applications using Microsoft® Windows. With no experience required, quickly create applications without the frustration and complexity of learning a programming language. Designed for business, home, and schools within a single or multi-user environment. Build personal or business applications that can be shared securely without the need for server-side processing.

Microsoft® Store - Free installation from the Microsoft Store, ensuring security and providing an easy way to install Jinga AI including upgrades. Tutorial online to step through the installation process.

Education - Jinga AI is ideal for beginner programmers, teachers and students getting started in learning the basics of event-driven programming. This is a great starting studio for younger developers that have transitioned from Tynker® and other building block programming websites. With Jinga AI, students develop real-world applications without using console command-line code, letting them be creative and learn the logical and graphical requirements of user interface computing.

Business - Jinga AI supports business products and workflows easily and effective with business requirements. Using backoffice techniques, Jinga AI can interface with databases using either native Microsoft® SQL or ODBC databases designed for multiple Microsoft® operating systems. Using Microsoft® Office 365, export and import files from excel or other business systems that can be used to automate workflows. Jinga AI is network enabled to support login security of each application deployed.

Free-To-Try - Jinga AI is free-to-try, providing a jump start on your development needs. If this product meets your requirements, you can register removing the unregistered notifications, including royalty-free distribution of applications generated from Jinga AI.

Organize - Organize each workflow, including time scheduling for automation. Encrypt-decrypt files to the cloud including Microsoft® Onedrive, giving additional protection to data used in the cloud. Create local databases for quick reference, and build custom reports that can be printed or emailed for distribution.

Digicert® Certified - Jinga AI is Digicert® certified, providing EV Code signing, ensuring additional security for each component within the Jinga AI platform. Certification interfaces with Microsoft® operating systems to allow for secured downloading and installation of the development studio.

Publish - Package applications into a single executable or a single html file that can be distributed on any shared folder, cloud folder or webserver, eliminating the need for server-side deployment and complexity maintaining server-side applications.

Royalty-Free - Applications developed with Jinga AI are royalty-free, including both desktop and web-based deployment. Easily share applications without the overhead of additional licensing or per-user subscription expense.

Microsoft® Windows - Supports functionality with the Microsoft® Windows operating system, including Microsoft® Office 365, SQL Server, Azure, and cloud services. Supports event-driven processing, databases, file management, html, css, javascript, csharp, powershell, and other languages that can extend the functionality of each application.

Tutorials Online - All tutorials are on YouTube®, learning at your own pace, without additional cost or expense. Each tutorial will step you through each project, starting with the basics, moving to intermediate and advanced topics that will explain quick and easy techniques to increase productivity and savings on simple to complex application development.

On-Going Support - Free upgrades and on-going support. This includes free Jinga AI upgrades, additional tutorials and future operating system support.